Sunday 17 March 2013


clay dino

I made this behemoth about a year ago with my children.

Saturday night it saw some action against Krüger's High Elves in a game of HOTT.

I played my warband army: warband general, 6 warbands, behemoth, 3 flyers. Krüger played his blade army: blade general, 5 blades, 3 knights, magician, shooter.

I was the defender. I covered one half of the battlefield with woods and left the other half empty.

I put one warband element in a wood next to my stronghold to guard it and deployed all the other elements on the empty half of the battlefield. The general and 2 other warbands received rear support by warbands.

Krüger deployed his army opposite of mine, so we basically only used one half of the battlefield which was flat good going.

The PIPs, I diced for in the first rounds, were high, so I was able to advance quickly.

Before our battlelines met, Krüger was able to scry one of my flyers by magical means.

In close combat my behemoth destroyed one of his knights. Well done, Dino! Then one of Krüger's knights killed 2 of my warbands and his general killed my general and the supporting warband behind him, thus deciding the game.

Well done, Krüger!

Wednesday 13 March 2013


As a child, my cousin used to play a lot of computer games. Once he played a WW2 tank game which used a hexagon map to depict terrain. After a couple of weeks, playing night and day, on his way to school he started to think of his own movement in terms of how many hexagons he could move forward each turn. At that point he stopped playing the game for a while. Maybe this got me interested in hexagons.

I'm currently working on a simple game which will have board game and tabletop elements. I want to use single based 28 mm miniatures and large hexagons. I have a basic idea how I want the rules to work, but instead of writing down the rules first and testing them, which would be the reasonable thing to do, I started to prepare game materials.

49 hexagons

The first 49 hexagons. They are made from 10 mm thick Kapa board and have a side length of 80 mm.

20 arrows

20 arrows which I made out of Fimo, a polymer clay.

174 hexagons

174 hexagons.

Monday 11 March 2013

Annihilation / Pitched Battle

Sunday afternoon we had another game of 40K with Jörg. Before we started we drank a glass of japanese green tea and ate a couple of delicious cupcakes and cake-pops which Jörg had brought. (Cake-pops are cakes on a stick. The concept was new to me.)

Krüger and I used the same lists as last time. Jörg had replaced his terminators with a unit of veterans and a rhino. His veterans look impressive. They carry a lot of different weapons and equipment. One even has a jump pack, although we weren't sure what for.

We diced for the scenario which turned out to be annihilation and pitched battle. What can I say? My list is either too strong or I was very lucky. In turn 5 Krüger and Jörg gave up. Apart from an immobilized dreadnought, 2 drop pods and a lonely veteran who was running away from my troops (the coward!), they had lost everything, whereas I had only lost my rhino. Krüger and Jörg are gentlemen and didn't complain much. The afternoon ended in a discussion about light bulbs.

Next time we want to introduce Jörg to HOTT, one of my favorite games.