Thursday 28 May 2015

The Waltrop Campaign / Day 4 / HotT Battle Report

On the 4th day of our Waltrop campaign, the Greeks under the command of Heracleides explored and occupied hexagons 22, 13 and 12, without further resistance. The Aquarians, lead by Spiros, took hexagons 62 and 71. In hexagon 81 they encountered a large group of green creatures and a behemoth.

Spiros said: „Hmmmm.... that's unusual. The light yellow guys are very colourful.“

I played the green creatures:

Warband General (yellow), 9 Warbands (green), 1 Behemoth

My cousin Sven played the Aquarians:

Hero General, 6 Spears, 4 Shooters

I was the defender and placed the terrain.


Since Sven had brought a box full of rocks from Munich and hexagon 81 shows a thin coastline next to the stormy sea, I filled the board with rocks and some tropical forests.

This gave me some trouble deploying my warbands in a battleline.

I placed the behemoth on my right flank. Sven placed his hero general opposite to it.

Although my behemoth didn’t have a chance to win the fight, it attacked the hero and almost chased it off the board, but alas, with the help of an element of spears, the hero finally managed to slay the beast.

clay dino

Taking a picture of the battlefield from above, the remote control cable of my camera got stuck in the tripod and almost damaged it.

canon remote switch

This made me nervous and without thinking too much I attacked an element of spears with my warband general.

green creatures versus aquarians

Both elements had rear support but the spears were also supported by another element of spears on their left side. My combat and tactical factors added up to +4, Sven received +5. I rolled a 1, Sven rolled a 6. I lost the general and Sven won the battle, a well deserved victory for the Aquarians who occupy a large part of the coast of Waltrop now. 

campaign map day 4

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Chaos Space Marines versus Space Marines / 40K Battle Report / 1250 points

The other day I asked Krüger to bring his entire Space Marine Army and he brought: a captain, a terminator squad, a dreadnought, 2 tactical squads, a scout squad, a drop pod and a stormraven, a total of 1250 points.


I played Chaos Space Marines: a winged daemon prince, a chaos lord with a daemon weapon, 2 units of plague marines, a rhino, 3 obliterators and a summoned greater daemon.


Being very laid back old school gamers, we used the 5th edition of 40K as a ruleset. The scenario was capture and control / dawn of war.

turn 1

My daemon prince wiped out Krüger’s scout squad in close combat.

In Krüger’s shooting phase, his dreadnought destroyed my rhino, so the chaos lord and 9 plague marines had to leave the burning vehicle. Krüger fired a twin-linked plasma cannon, 2 melters, a storm cannon, 4 storm bolters and 10 bolters at them and managed to kill 2 plague marines. Then Krüger’s terminators attacked the same unit and killed the chaos lord in close combat. None of the terminators survived. (I rolled a 6 for the daemon weapon.)

turn 2

My obliterators arrived, fired 3 lascannons at the stormraven, landed a glancing hit and immobilised the vehicle. I attacked the tactical squad of space marines next to Krüger’s objecive with my plague marines and lost another 4 of them.

Krüger’s drop pod landed close to the objective on my side and 10 space marines disembarked. Then Krüger’s stormraven shot all of his weapons at my obliterators, including 4 bloodstrike missiles, and killed 2 of them.

turn 3

Next to the objective on my side a plague champion was transformed into a greater daemon. Nevertheless only 4 of the 10 plague marines, which were supposed to guard the objective, survived close combat. Next to Krüger’s objective my winged daemon prince was able to attack and kill 3 space marines.

drop pod

In Krüger’s shooting phase, I lost my last obliterator. Damn. 

turn 4

The greater daemon destroyed Krüger’s tactical squad.

In Krüger’s shooting phase, the stormraven shot down another one of my plague marines, so only one plague marine survived next to my objective. (I had already lost the other unit, but I don’t remember when. Probably in turn 3.)

turn 5

Krüger’s captain killed my winged daemon prince in close combat and what was left of his tactical squat reached the objective on his side.

space marines

Then the dreadnought shot down my last plague marine. Krüger won the battle 1:0. Grrrrrr …

Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Waltrop Campaign / Day 3 / HotT Battle Report

The Greeks under the command of general Heracleides and officer Fibos left their camp to explore the beach in hexagon 23. There they encountered a small group of Goblins. Krüger and I played out the battle that ensued using the ruleset Hordes of the Things. I was the defender, Krüger the attacker. I placed four pieces of rough terrain with bushes and some stones to depict the beach.

My army consisted of these elements:

Spear General, 5 Spears, 4 Shooters, 2 Riders

Krüger played this army:

Warband General, 4 Warbands, 1 Hero, 3 Riders, 2 Beasts

I deployed my phalanx in the center, 3 shooters on the right side and 2 riders on the left side. Krüger placed his warbands and hero opposite to my phalanx, his beasts opposite to my shooters and his riders opposite to my riders.

My strategy, if you can call this a strategy, was to send my riders and a shooter forward on my left flank and wait with the rest of my army.

thracians versus goblins

Thus I lost 2 riders and a shooter.

On the other flank I was able to shoot down Krüger's beasts, combining the attacks of my 3 shooters. And one of Krüger's riders was pushed back over the board edge. In the center the battle wavered back and forth - I lost 2 spears, Krüger lost a warband - until 2 of my spears killed Krüger's hero.

The Greeks won the game and were able to occupy hexagon 23.

campaign map day 3

This is how our campaign map looks like now. Next turn Krüger's orks will start moving from one of their villages in the jungle.