Sunday 1 April 2018

Hamburg Tactica 2018 / more pictures

Sons of the Desert

Here are more pictures of the wargaming convention Tactica

My last blog post was more about my father and his SLR camera than what I originally planned to write about: "Take the Pass!", the game we played at the Tactica on Sunday morning. So my friend Krüger suggested I should start a photography blog instead of Herr Zinnlings Arbeitszimmer. I will try to stick to the subject of wargaming now …

This year the theme room of the Tactica was called "brennender Sand". There you could see all kinds of desert related games, miniatures and terrain pieces.

brennender Sand

The French foreign legion was one of the more popular subjects.


Saturday afternoon we played "Dune", a game organised by the wargaming club WCH – Massaka from Hamburg.

Jörg and Krüger

the GM and Sven


Sven enjoyed this a lot because he had always wanted to try the ruleset Bolt Action.

On Sunday I walked around to take pictures and found these beautiful ancient ships manufactured in the scale 1/72 by Cryns Miniatures.

Cryns Miniatures

Cryns Miniatures

The last game we played on Sunday was Zama, a large DBA 3.0 battle. It was really a sequence of four DBA games, one game for each battleline.

A very enthusiastic man from Denmark or Sweden and I played the Carthaginians. He was very lucky rolling the dice. Unfortunately he had to leave early and we lost.

Krüger and Sven

Our defeat was discussed by the other players in great length afterwards.