Friday 31 December 2021

Happy New Year!


2021 has been a challenging year, with several months of lockdown and homeschooling and some weeks of quarantine.

I would like to thank you for your inspiring blog posts and all your comments.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Another Game of Dragon Rampant

During the last school holidays I went to Krüger’s house with my two sons to play Dragon Rampant. This is my main gaming group at the moment.

Krüger used to play a lot of GW games. I think you could call him a GW fan boy. He has several armies for Warhammer and 40K, all presented in a glass cupboard in his living room.

What we usually do when we go to his house is this: we bring some things, like toy trees and Fimo monsters, and are allowed to choose units from his collection. I like this kind of improvised, relaxed gaming.

Krüger recently bought a Deep Cut Studio gaming mat, a swamp, which looks a bit gloomy and goes well with his grey hill and his undead army.


This inspired my sons to play a necromancer, two units of skeletons, a giant shark like creature on legs and a group of little sharks. They played the army with this list:

1 greater warbeast (leader), 1 lesser warbeasts, 1 light missiles (summoner, no feelings), 1 heavy foot (no feelings), 1 light foot (no feelings)

Krüger and I played as a team. He played orcs & goblins, his most used tabletop army.

I played a giant Fimo newt, a warband and a group of human scouts. We used this army list:

1 bellicose foot (leader), 1 bellicose foot, 1 greater warbeast, 1 heavy riders, 1 light riders, 1 scouts

We played for objectives, using a scenario we had adapted from the classical D3+2 objectives 40K scenario a couple of years ago.

movement rules in Dragon Rampant

The necromancer was able to summon both skeleton units at the beginning of the game which made Hendrik happy and there was a long fight between the two greater warbeasts, which went on forever, a bit like the recent chess tournament between Magnus Carlsen and Jan Nepomnjaschtschi.


The game was undecided till the end and ended in a tie. It’s how I like to play Dragon Rampant.