Friday 23 August 2013

Chaos Space Marines and Orks versus Dark Angels

"Wood Elves vs. Orcs & Goblins" is my most popular blog post so far. I hope you like this title as well.

We had another 1500 point 40K game on Tuesday night. Krüger (Orks) and I (CSM) played against Jörg (Dark Angels). It's August 2013 and we still use the 5th edition, I guess you could call this Oldhammer 40K.

I played a chaos lord with a daemon weapon and a unit of 9 plague marines with 2 meltaguns in a rhino, 3 obliterators and a greater daemon.

Krüger brought a warboss, 20 ork boys, 3 killa kans and 10 kommandos.

Jörg started to play 40K half a year ago. He already has 2000 points of Dark Angels. He brought a landraider, 3 units of terminators and 2 tactical squads.

The scenario was capture and control + dawn of war. We placed our objective behind a long fortified wall. Jörg put his objective inside the ruins of a mining rig. Krüger's plan was to defend our objective with his ork boys, my plan was to grab the other objective with a unit of plague marines.

plague marines

After I took the first picture of the game, the batteries of my camera ran out. Grrrrrr!!!

In turn one, Jörg got so excited that he made a roll with his dice cup on top of my rhino. Fortunately the model wasn't damaged.

In turn two, my chaos champion was transformed into a greater daemon and my plague marines destroyed a unit of Dark Angels standing next to the objective in the mining rig. Jörg already wanted to give up, but then his terminators arrived and shot down 16 ork boys. Now Krüger got nervous.

In turn three, Jörg talked about "quadcopters" and "mini drohnen". No clue what he was talking about. My obliterators arrived via deep strike and blasted away 3 terminators with their plasma cannon. The rest of Jörg's terminators attacked the ork boys, killing them all, including the big boss. A killa kan exploded.

In turn four, Krüger's death kopters arrived and shot down Belial (whatever that is). Jörg also lost all 3 terminator units and his second tactical squad. We lost the chaos lord (vengeance!!!) and another killa bot.

In turn five, the greater daemon destroyed Jörg's landraider, his last model on the battlefield. A single plague marine survived standing next to the objective on Jörg's side. We won. I think it was close. The game was exciting until the end.

The problem is, Jörg always buys more terminators after loosing a game and his army already looks quite scary the way it is. How many terminators and landraiders are you allowed to field anyway?

Monday 19 August 2013

Ancient Greek Civilians

I'm currently looking for 28mm Ancient Greek civilians.

I came across Eureka's Civilians and Vignettes range which looks great, I think.
Here are some examples:

Middle Eastern Civilians.

middle eastern civilians

Indian Yogi.

indian yogi

Male Indian Civilian Set.

male indian civilian set

Female Indian Civilian Set.

female indian civilian set

Indian Children Set.

indian children set

So I submitted a request to Eureka's 100 club to produce Ancient Greek civilians.

Anybody interested?