Tuesday 13 May 2014

Playing GURPS with my Kids for the First Time

Ok. This was cool. Saturday morning I played GURPS with Lina (5) and Hendrik (3) for the first time. I had prepared a dungeon for them which you can find here. They played princess Blume and prince Marmelade who went into the cellar beneath the royal kitchen to fetch some giant olives for the cook.

Herr Zinnling, Hendrik & Lina

There they encountered two dire mice. One got away with a keychain. The other attacked with a broom. Prince Marmelade got hit on the head, but defended himself super-hero style, shooting electric rays out of his hands. Princess Blume narcotized the mouse with "sleep", a mind control spell. Well done.

Prince Marmelade then opened a locked door to a 3m x 3m room using his lockpicking skill. There they found a little box filled with cookies in the form of islands. (I had baked the props Friday night.)


They went around the dungeon and explored the other rooms with the help of a talking cat, picked up a flute and found a room filled with giant olives on legs wearing sneakers. Prince Marmelade opened the door to that room with a wire. The giant olives got out and escaped, but the prince and princess were able to catch one of them and bring it to the cook who probably made a Greek salad out of it.

The game took about an hour and was lots of fun for all three of us. Level 2 will be about prince Marmelade and princess Blume trying to find the cook's missing keychain and Alex, the kitchen boy. I hope I find time to prepare it soon.