Thursday 30 November 2017

Puschel Wuschel / Monster Man Contest / Gurps Stats

puschel wuschel

Lina (9), my daughter, wrote and drew a monster for the first Monster Man contest.

Puschel Wuschel

They live in a land made of cloth. Everything is made of cloth: houses, streets, trees, even the cemetery.

If you annoy them, attack them or offend them, they become very large and eat you.

If you protect them, they come and live with you. But remember to always treat them well or they will eat you.

They defend themselves without weapons, only with monster powers. 

They glow in the dark, learn very fast and everything they have is soft and cuddly.

a cheap toy

Stats for Gurps:

ST: 5 / 15   DX: 12   IQ: 12   HT: 9

HP: 5 / 15   Will: 12   Per: 12   FP: 9

Speed: 5.25   Move: 5

Dodge: 8      DR: 2

SM: -4 / +1

Bite (14): 1d-5 cutting / 1d cutting

Claws (14): 1d-4 crushing / 1d+1 crushing 

TraitsBlunt Claws; Constriction Attack; Eidetic Memory; Growth 5 (Maximum Size Only, Trigger, Unconscious, Uncontrollable); Language Talent; No Fine Manipulators; Sharp Teeth; Stress Atavism (Severe).  

Skills: Brawling-14

Notes: Glows in the dark.