Thursday 30 March 2017

How to Make a Campaign Map

There are certainly people who can draw better maps than me, you can find them in the forum Cartographer's Guild, for example, but since I got asked how I made the map for our Waltrop Campaign, two blog posts ago, here is what I did ...

coastal line

With a large pen, I drew a coastal line on a copy of a hexagon grid. I scanned this and imported it into Photoshop. 


I added a blue background layer.


I added text layers in Photoshop to number the hexagons and cut out the hexagons in the top layer that I wanted to colour blue.

palm trees and mountains
I drew palm trees and mountains.

campaign map

I added these icons to the map as another layer in Photoshop.

All the players taking part in the campaign chose a colour. Krüger who plays wild orcs started on hexagons 20, 38, 40, 68, 78. Sven started on hexagon 61 with his Aquarians, I started on hexagon 32.

campaign map

And this is how our campaign map looks like after 13 turns.