Tuesday 15 August 2017

Super Hero Mugs


I have 3 super hero coffee cups and an Aquaman T-Shirt.

I like The Thing. Probably because his skin is divided into hexagons and I really like hexagons.

My youngest son likes Hulk and always wants to know: who is stronger? Hulk or The Thing?

That’s what children do, right? Compare their strengths. I grew up with a handicapped brother who couldn’t move on his own or say anything. So I wouldn’t know.

Looking at the Hulk mug ("DON’T MAKE ME ANGRY!!!") and at the The Thing mug ("THIS MAN … THIS MONSTER!"), I assume both super heroes are very strong. If they would get into a fight, they'd probably both end up in hospital.


A couple of months ago I got fed up with the Flash mug. Something about its design started to bother me. So I put it on Ebay and replaced it with two other cups I found on Redbubble. They show an owl bear and a landshark, drawn by the Brazilian artist menterart.

I haven’t sold the Flash mug yet. You need a lot of patience 
to sell things on Ebay.

And the T-shirt? Once I tried to convince the friends I play badminton with, that we should all play Badminton in super hero T-shirts. So I got the Aquaman T-Shirt.


My friends think I look embarrassing as Aquaman. That’s why Florian gave me a proper Badminton T-shirt for my birthday, which was about 80 days ago. I also got a box of "Wild about Nerds" candy. Thank you, Florian!

Wild about Nerds

Looking at the pictures now, despite all the thoughts other people and I have put into this so far, I’m not sure if there is much difference between the first two pictures and the third picture. 

What can I do?