Thursday 14 February 2013

First Game in 2013


Yesterday night Krüger and I introduced Jörg to Warhammer 40K.

Jörg is a neighbor whose two kids go to the same kindergarten as mine. He grew up not far away from Dortmund, where Krüger and I are from, and used to play a lot of role-playing games and Battletech.

Jörg and Krüger played as a team against me. Jörg brought 500 points of Dark Angels which he has recently bought and painted. Krüger brought his Space Marines.

I played 1000 points of Plague Marines. I've been playing this list for about a year.

Chaos Lord (HQ / 150 points)
mark of nurgle, plaguebringer

9 Nurgle Plague Marines (Troops / 257 points)
2 meltaguns
plague champion with power weapon

Chaos Rhino (45 points)
twin-linked bolter, dozer blade

11 Nurgle Plague Marines (Troops / 323 points)
2 plasma guns
plague champion with power fist

3 Obliterators (Heavy Support / 225 points)

My list was quite effective. After explaining the basic rules (5th edition) to Jörg, we started to play around 9pm. We used seize ground as a mission and dawn of war as deployment type. Three hours later I hadn't lost a unit, while the only remaining unit on the other side was Krüger's immobilised dreadnought, whom I consider to be the hero of the game. (Krüger thinks otherwise.)

I feel a bit awkward that this went so well for me and hope Jörg nevertheless had fun playing 40K for the first time.  It would be cool to play with him more often.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Speed Painting


In January and February I got together with Krüger a couple of times to paint.

I managed to repair my damaged miniatures while Krüger finished 10 Ork Kommandos, painted a Stormraven, assembled 5 Scouts and started to paint them. Krüger, the speed painter!

This year we want to meet more often to paint and sculpt.