Wednesday 19 February 2014

Sea Animals with Two Legs

Apparently last week somebody googled "sea animals with two legs" and found my blog. I suppose he or she was very disappointed which is not my fault. It's really Google's fault, but I don't want to disappoint anybody, so I asked my daughter to draw a sea animal with two legs.


Lina says her drawing depicts a transformer gold fish. Unfortunately it has five legs. Anyway, with all the information I have about this at the moment and my limited knowledge of GURPS, I tried to come up with GURPS stats for the creature.

If you think my description of the transformer gold fish, a sea animal with five legs is inaccurate or can be improved in any way, please let me know.

ST: 20   DX: 10   IQ: 3   HT: 12

HP: 20   Will: 10   Per: 12   FP: 12

Speed: 5.5   Move: 5

Dodge: 8   DR: 1

SM: +2

Punch (13): 2d-2 cr

Habitat: Salt-Water Aquatic, Tropical Forest

Range: Atlantic Ocean, Karubi Islands

Traits: Amphibious; Bad Temper; Discriminatory Smell; Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen Storage); Extra Legs; Horizontal; No Fine Manipulators; Pressure Support 3; Subsonic Hearing; Vibration Sense; Wild Animal.

Skills: Brawling-13.

Well, it is a transformer fish. So it should be able to transform itself into something. With Shapeshifting (Alternate Form). Into a gold fish? Some kind of two-legged garden gnome? I don't know.


Are you happy now, person who googles "sea animals with two legs" and finds my blog?

Tuesday 11 February 2014

First Game in 2014

orc army

Sunday night Krüger and I talked an hour about the stock market, banks and economics in general (although we don't know anything about it) and then we played Hordes of the Things for about an hour and a half. It was our first game this year.

I played wood elves: spear general, 2 spears, 3 shooters, 1 hero, 1 behemoth, 2 flyers.

Krüger played orcs: warband general, 5 warbands, 1 hero, 1 behemoth, 2 riders.

Krüger was the defender. He placed 4 woods and a temple as the terrain and deployed his army on the left and right side of the building. I decided to deploy all of my troops on my right flank, mostly lined up in a column. Sometimes I like to do this, in order to confuse my opponent's plans and to create a chaotic battle in the course of which both players have to improvise a lot.

Highlights of the game were: my hero killing 2 of Krüger's warbands with the help of a giant bird (an element of flyers), my treeman (behemoth) going over the table edge, fleeing from Krüger's hero and both heroes killing each other in a bloody Elf to Orc fight.

I think I made one big mistake. In a daring move, I attacked one of Krüger's riders (some kind of chariot driven by a giant frog or spider) with two giant birds (flyers), instead of building up a proper battle line in the back. I didn't loose this fight, but in his next bound Krüger was able to attack one of the birds with 2 warbands. The flyer had to recoil, crashed into the chariot and was destroyed.

This was the beginning of the end.

Krüger lost: 2 warbands, 1 hero, 1 rider.  I lost: 1 behemoth, 1 hero, 1 flyer and 1 shooter, thus loosing the game. Krüger is a clever player, so it's always fun playing against him.