Tuesday 2 December 2014

Chaos Space Marines versus Space Marines and Orks / 40K Battle Report / 1500 points

On Sunday, Krüger, Jörg and I had a game of 40K. It took four hours. After two hours we had a break to eat a marble cake and to talk about coffee machines. Krüger drinks seven cups of coffee a day. As the result of our discussion Krüger now wants to buy a second coffee machine.

space marines versus chaos cultists

Jörg started with 40K not so long ago. He brought the Chaos Space Marines from the Dark Vengeance box, painted in an eerie Genestealer purple and Rakarth Flesh. I played with Jörg in a team and added about 1000 points: a Chaos Lord, 2 units of Plague Marines, a Rhino and 3 Obliterators. Krüger brought all the Orks and Space Marines he has.

ork boys

We are in the process of balancing our lists. Jörg’s part of the chaos army is a bit fragile. He has two small units of cultists, a small unit of Chosen CSMs, a Dreadnought and a Chaos Lord, whereas Krüger’s list is quite effective, the result of many years of gaming against me.

We still use the rules of the 5th edition because nobody could convince me yet that there is a better edition. The scenario was seize ground and spearhead with four objectives.

I took pictures with my dad’s old 35 mm camera and notes on a piece of paper. I don’t think it’s easy to write an entertaining battle report. Here are some inspiring blogs:

So what happened on our table? In turn 1 Jörg’s Chaos Dreadnought (Hellbrute) destroyed Krüger’s Dreadnought. (I know. It’s just dice and probabilities, but the thing has a long history of bad luck. It doesn’t work. It’s malfunctioning. Instead of buying more coffee machines, Krüger should get a new Dreadnought.) 

In turn 2 Jörg lost a unit of Cultists and the Chosen Chaos Space Marines, but we were able to shoot down a Deffkopta.

In turn 3 Jörg’s Chaos Lord and one of my Plague Marine units destroyed a unit of Space Marines. Krüger attacked my obliterators with a large horde of Orks and destroyed them. I countered his attack with two units of Plague Marines, won the fight, and the two models that survived, a Warboss and a Nob, flew.

plague marines versus orks

In turn 4, Krüger’s Kommandos appeared and we lost the Chaos Dreadnought. Another unit  of Cultists that was supposed to secure an objective on our side dropped like flies.

In turn 5, Krüger held one objective on his side while the objective on our side was contested by two Killa Kans. I tried to fight them off with two units of Plague Marines.

I think we made some mistakes figuring out the dice scores needed to damage the Killa Kans, but I’m not sure if the result would have been different. I wasn’t able to destroy one Killa Kan and Krüger won the game. All in all, it was fun. Krüger’s list is almost a Dreadnought / Killa Kan spam list. Jörg and I need something to counter that. And Jörg’s CSMs need more punch.