Saturday 8 September 2012

FU-UK Sculpting Contest

fu-uk sculpting contest 2006 green creature

This is a miniature I sculpted for the 2006 FU-UK sculpting contest. It's actually my first attempt at sculpting with green stuff.

fu-uk sculpting contest 2006 yellow creature

The same miniature painted yellow.

fu-uk sculpting contest 2007 wild hound

A year later my cousin Sven sculpted this dog and 
received an honorable mention from Kev Adams and Brian and Wendy Froud, the jury of the FU-UK Pro-Am Sculpting Competition 2007.

Friday 7 September 2012

This Blog

This blog will be about collecting miniatures, sculpting, painting and gaming. Some posts will be in German, most in English.

I meet about once a week with a friend to play 40K, Warhammer Fantasy or Hordes of the Things. I also used to play a lot of Pirates! by Flagship Games and DBA and would like to get into ancient wargaming again.

What I like about tabletop games is a good mix between simulation and strategy. Power gaming is not my thing.

I can spend hours looking at old miniature catalogues or surfing miniature company sites.

I also like to sculpt and paint, but I'm rather slow at that.

Being a struggling filmmaker with three little kids, maybe I shouldn't spend so much time on this hobby at all, but then it's so addictive ...