Beyond the Pillars of Heracles

Inspired by the imagi-nations of the blog network Emperor vs Elector, Krüger, Sven and I started to develop some narrative background for our tabletop battles.

I wrote a short text about the Karubi Islands, about the islands Dox Dox and Waltrop and about Sven’s old campaign map.

Sven was kissed by the muses, I guess, and wrote poems about the Aquarians of Saganakia. The DepartureThe OmenThe StormThe Coast. And a text about the Harpies of the Islands of Aquarius

Krüger wrote a text in German about the High Elves of Nitz Oxib Tsaq, before he stopped posting on his blog altogether which makes his last blog post a historical document, I suppose.

Our game world takes place roughly between 800 BC and 400 BC. It’s about imaginary Greek city states and features mythological elements, including wild Orcs.

You can find all the posts related to our game world under the label Beyond the Pillars of Heracles on my blog and on Sven’s blog.

The Waltrop Campaign

The real Waltrop is a little town next to Dortmund where Sven, Krüger and I are originally from. Our ongoing campaign takes place on the north-eastern coast of the imaginary island Waltrop.

Krüger plays the Orc tribes (green) that have lived on Waltrop for centuries. I play the Greek explorers (yellow) from the island Kalimera and Sven plays the Aquarians from Saganakia (turquoise).

All the posts on my blog related to this campaign have the label Waltrop.

In the unlikely case you read this, live in Berlin and would like to join our campaign, playing one of the wild orc tribes that have their villages on hexagon 68 or 78 for example, please contact me.

We are currently using the ruleset Hordes of the Things with single based 28mm miniatures and Dragon Rampant to play out battles, but have played Warhammer in the past and would like to try Commands & Colors Ancients in the future.

campaign map

20 an Orc village

30 a hill in the middle of the jungle

31 a couple of large rocks, some rough terrain and a waterhole

32 The camp of the Greeks from the island Kalimera. They are under the command of general Heracleides. Once in a while officer Fibos is allowed to lead small expeditions into the jungle.

38 an Orc village

40 Orxiopolis. A city of the Aquarians from Saganakia.

53 Temple of Aquaria

61 Spiropolis. A city of the Aquarians from Saganakia. They were shipwrecked and stranded on the eastern coast of the island Waltrop.

68 an Orc village

78 an Orc village

81 a tower

88 a lake