Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sea Animals with Two Legs

Apparently last week somebody googled "sea animals with two legs" and found my blog. I suppose he or she was very disappointed which is not my fault. It's really Google's fault, but I don't want to disappoint anybody, so I asked my daughter to draw a sea animal with two legs.


Lina says her drawing depicts a transformer gold fish. Unfortunately it has five legs. Anyway, with all the information I have about this at the moment and my limited knowledge of GURPS, I tried to come up with GURPS stats for the creature.

If you think my description of the transformer gold fish, a sea animal with five legs is inaccurate or can be improved in any way, please let me know.

ST: 20   DX: 10   IQ: 3   HT: 12

HP: 20   Will: 10   Per: 12   FP: 12

Speed: 5.5   Move: 5

Dodge: 8   DR: 1

SM: +2

Punch (13): 2d-2 cr

Habitat: Salt-Water Aquatic, Tropical Forest

Range: Atlantic Ocean, Karubi Islands

Traits: Amphibious; Bad Temper; Discriminatory Smell; Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen Storage); Extra Legs; Horizontal; No Fine Manipulators; Pressure Support 3; Subsonic Hearing; Vibration Sense; Wild Animal.

Skills: Brawling-13.

Well, it is a transformer fish. So it should be able to transform itself into something. With Shapeshifting (Alternate Form). Into a gold fish? Some kind of two-legged garden gnome? I don't know.


Are you happy now, person who googles "sea animals with two legs" and finds my blog?

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