Tuesday, 26 July 2022

3D Scan of Joaquín's Fimo Troll

3D scan

This is a 3D scan of Joaquín's Fimo troll.

The technician who scanned it called me to ask why I needed a scan of such an object.

I said:
I want to use it as a troll for Warhammer, but it is too big, so I would like to print a smaller version of it and then make a unit of stone trolls or swamp trolls.

He said:
Aha. Interesting.

(To be honest, I want to use the troll for Dragon Rampant, Hordes of the Things or The Portable Wargame, but I assumed the technician wouldn't know any of these games.)

Anyway. The scan is very good, very detailed, but there are holes in the 3D mesh, between the fingers of the troll, that I need to fix before I can print the model and it's far more difficult to do things like Cut & Paste in ZBrush than I thought ...


  1. I'm very keen to see the finished item Karl - do you do the printing yourself?

    1. I friend of mine got a 3D printer half a year ago and this inspired me to try out ZBrush and have the Fimo troll scanned. I'm all new to this technique and need to learn a lot, but I see a lot of fascinating possibilities for the hobby ...

    2. I don't have a 3D printer yet.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished figures.

    1. I'm quite a slow painter, but I hope I can paint the troll late summer / early autumn. Cheers, Karl