Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Some help needed writing an RPG adventure for 3 kids

cookie island

I'm on a small island in the Aegean sea. It's a volcano and looks like this cookie. We are here for three weeks because of my wife's work. She is teaching screenwriters how to pitch their scripts.

Between 1 PM and 5 PM it's so hot, you shouldn't go outside. After that I go to a pool with the kids. It's next to a cliff, ten meters above the sea. There's not much there to protect you from falling down, besides a cable and a rusty shower. On the other side: a wall, a fence, some beautiful flowers, red and pink. Behind that: the noisy street and a hotel.

The water is heated by the volcano and leaves thick orange stains on clothes and googles. The music is loud and cheap, but somehow relaxing. While my children are swimming in the pool or floating around in safety buoys, I'm drinking some kind of mocha - έναν ελληνικό γλυκό παρακαλώ - which the waiter prepares with great care, and look at another island which is slowly but entirely being removed with excavators, trucks and ships. This fills me with melancholy because I’m conservative at heart.

I'm sitting next to the pool and read Principia Apocrypha and Gurps Light. (I forgot how complicated role playing games are, if you are out of practice.) I want to write a simple cavern adventure, taking place in ancient Greece, so we have something to do while we hide from the sun.

Maybe you have some ideas?

(For encounters, treasures, traps, etc.)

I will post the adventure later on this blog.

I can also send a bottle of Soumada or a little minotaur from the tourist shop to the first person who figures out which island we are on.


To make it easier for you: Here is a model of the island which I found on a cupboard in the local primary school.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. It's Nisyros. Wow. You were very fast. Have you ever been to this island? Please contact me through the contact form, so I can send you something from the local souvenir shop. Cheers, Karl

  2. What about some free onepagers?


    1. Danke für den Link. Die Abenteuer kannte ich noch nicht. Ich hatte auch schon überlegt, Abenteuer vom One Page Dungeon Contest zu verwenden. Jetzt habe ich mir erst Mal selbst etwas ausgedacht ...

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