Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Goodbye Google+

I spent a few sleepless nights last week, staring at the computer screen until my back hurt, looking through my Google+ contacts before they vanish.  

It reminded me why I liked the gaming communities on Google+ so much. Fortunately most people have blogs or Instagram accounts where they publish their thoughts and pictures now.

I started to use Google+ in 2015, a bit reluctant at first, basically because it was pushed on you by Google if you had a blogger account.

The first thing I did in Google+ was post links to all my blog posts, a rather technical process.

I slowly started to find people on Google+ who posted interesting things about games.

Then I read in a forum how you should give your images meaningful names, instead of naming them bild1, bild2, bild3, etc.

The forum doesn't exist any more and I forgot its name.

I renamed all the images on my blog and - this was probably my biggest social media fail so far - deleted all my Google+ posts, because the images on my timeline had disappeared after I had renamed them, and then I posted the links to my blog posts on Google+ again.

At the same time I was discovering the rich OSR scene and various fantasy illustrators, miniature painters, sculptors and old school gamers. And I learned how most people involved in these communities don’t like spam on social media platforms and ads on blogs. (Playing around with AdSense was my second mistake, I guess. I’m sorry.)

Although I participated in the One Page Dungeon Contest, the Thought Eater Essay Contest and the Monster Man Contest, and even opened a Dragon Rampant community, which had seven members when I last counted, I stayed at the fringe of most gaming communities on Google+.

I like to be at the fringe of society, I guess, even at the fringe of fringe communities.

ginger bread space marine 1

ginger bread space marine 2

My most popular post on Google+ were two ginger bread space marines which I posted in the Warhammer 40k community in December 2015. It received 35 likes and a few kind comments:

"Merry emperor's day!"
"Nice chapter colors! 😀"
"Really nice!!"
"10/10 would devour."
"biscuits good enough for the emperor himself"

Thanks again.

Apart from sharing links to my blog posts, which I regularly did, and some recommendations of other people’s posts, I wrote a few genuine posts for Google+.

Here they are. All ten of them.


I just broke one of my favourite coffee mugs, washing the dishes.


I found a replica of a Greek or Roman bust in my aunt's house. Anybody know what it is?


Krüger, a friend of mine, made a power klaw out of green stuff. It's his first go at green stuff. I quite like it.


my daughter Lina writes a text for the One Page Dungeon Contest


Drinking a Capp Dop America Latina and reading a Greek grammar book on the ferry from Naxos to Athens.


drawing a map for the one page dungeon contest


Some nights ago, a black cat crossed my way, right in front of my legs. It ran from left to right or right to left. I don’t remember. This morning, I had to stop my bike because of two men carrying a coffin. They had transported the coffin in a shabby car which was parked on my right side and walked to the cemetery on my left side. According to traditional superstitious beliefs, is this good luck or bad luck?

Evan Hughes: I'm very sceptical of superstitions, like most Sagittarians.


"Alle, die böse sind, haben eine leuchtende Hose und können fliegen."

Evil people, according to my son.





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