Monday 1 May 2017

Bubble Guble Super Raum / One Page Dungeon Contest

Lina (8), Hendrik (6) and Joaquín (4) wrote a dungeon adventure. This is our entry for the ONE PAGE DUNGEON CONTEST 2017I hope it is useful or playable or whatever …


1 In the middle of the room you see a commode in Louis XIV style. If you open one of the drawers, you find two purses. Inside of them are three coins, two chicken wings and two lives. If you don’t watch out, a troll with a chainsaw and chainsaw teeth will kill you.

chainsaw troll

2 A dead camel.

3 There are a lot of keys scattered on the floor and beetles crawling around. Room 3 is full of treasures. Some treasures have beetles inside and some beetles have treasures inside.

4 Room 4 is called Bubble Guble Super Raum. Pink bubbles are floating in the air. If they burst, you die. You meet Sofie, the elf. She says: Warzenschwein führt dich heim, nach vorne, dann links und rechts. (Wart-hog takes you home, go straight ahead, turn left, then right.)

There is an invisible secret passage with a trap between room 4 and room 5. If you fall into the trap, you will never get out again.

5 There is a giant wart-hog. It’s called Hulk Schweinekotz. It has attackers on its back. One of them has three eyes and no mouth. Another one has a long neck and feet, a muzzle and two eyes. And a funny nose. I can tell you that. On the floor there is a bowl of muesli. If you eat the muesli, you will become a super hero and you can fly through the whole world in three seconds. You will develop a lot of muscles and you can knock off ten thousand attackers with one finger. And shoot red bolts out of your eyes.


  1. Which child came up with 'commode in a Louis XIV style'??

    1. Many years ago I lived with a French family in Rouen for a couple of months. My host was an eccentric architect who collected furniture in Louis XIV style and medieval carpets. He once gave me a long speech about his collection. I told the children about it at dinner and Lina thought the expression „in Louis XIV style“ was funny. So this is how the old commode found its way into our dungeon. Cheers, Karl


  3. Punching well above their weight, terrific work!

    Your children are clearly ready for ADVANCED D&D!!!
    ; )

    1. Thank you, Evan!

      My children might be ready for ADVANCED D&D, but I never got past the red D&D box or GURPS light.

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah. I guess I am. I love the text they came up with. So many strange ideas ...