Thursday 30 April 2015

Dungeon for Lina and Hendrik / Level 2

This is my entry for the ONE PAGE DUNGEON CONTEST 2015.

dungeon level 2

1 You went down a ladder to level 2 of the cellar beneath the royal kitchen. The cook sent you to look for Alex, the kitchen boy. In another room somebody is playing „Soura ke mastoura“ on a bouzouki.

2 This room is filled with amphorae in all sizes. Some carry a sweet strong wine. A strange animal is crawling on the floor. It is yellow, green, blue, pink and red, about 13 inch long and has eight legs. Although it looks a bit like a carrion crawler, it’s harmless. It even smiles at you. If you are easily scared, you need to make a fright check now.

3 The door to this room is locked. Alex, the kitchen boy, practices playing bouzouki, a Greek guitar. He tells you that two large mouse-like creatures locked him in and ran away with the keys. If you find the keys in level 3 of the dungeon and free Alex, he will tell you that the cook is beating him regularly. He will try to persuade you to flee with him in a small boat. He will invent a treasure island to persuade you.

4 The door to this room is locked but not too difficult to open. There are many amphorae scattered on the floor, most of them broken. Three skeletons equipped with swords and shields will attack you. They have been waiting to do so for 100 years.

5 random monsters:

1 A giant olive on legs, wearing sneakers.
2 A couple of bugs that glow in the dark.
3 A group of goblins. They say your grandmother is fat and poor. They can count up to 100 and will ridicule you in every possible way, otherwise they are harmless.
4-6 Nothing.

6 A 3m x 3m room with a hole in the floor. A ladder leads to level 3 of the dungeon. In level 3 you encounter two dire mice with the keys to room 3. You also find a boat.

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