Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Real Waltrop

waltrop cookie island

Krüger and I are planning a campaign for HotT and Warhammer. It's going to take place on an island. The armies involved will probably be Hoplites and Orcs, maybe wild men wearing scary tribal masks instead of Orcs. (Hey Jörg, you can still join us! A pity you don't like Greek hoplites.) The island will be called Waltrop.

There is a place called Waltrop near Dortmund, the city Krüger and I are from. The real Waltrop is a little city in North Rhein-Westphalia. Our friend Jörg with whom we play 40K is from Waltrop.

To get some inspiration for our imaginary island Waltrop, a month ago Krüger and I visited the real Waltrop. We found out that they have panda bears, coffee, bananas, giant sea horses and an abandoned disco called "Pam Pam".

I just noticed I got kicked out of the blog network Tale of Painters, which is understandable because I haven't posted too much about GW products lately. Understandable, but it still hurts.

I hope I wont loose any of my 16 followers because of this blog post. Bear with me. Please.

waltroper parkfest

herne bay platz

asia bistro panda

kornbrennerei bröggelhoff

krüger und herr zinnling


disko pam pam


kaffee bei gasthaus stromberg




  1. I could join you and can bring some Waltropica a typical original liquor from Waltrop brewed from Brüggelhoff in Waltrop. The Brüggelhoff distillery is on your Picture 4. I think you could like it. May be I play a typical Waltroper a folk who worked in the underground and dig some coal. Not dwarfs some dark elves :) http://instagram.com/p/tBVfLECp_j

  2. "Waltropica" ist offenbar so ein obskures Getränk, dass ich nur meinen Blog finde, wenn ich bei Google "Brüggelhoff" und "Waltropica" eingebe. Das macht natürlich Lust, das mal zu probieren. Nehme das Angebot gerne an