Monday, 21 April 2014

Sven's Old Campaign Map Resurrected

In 2008, around Christmas, my cousin Sven made a map for a HOTT campaign, involving 5 parties: dwarves, pirates, elves, undead and dark age Germans on horses.

We got together with a couple of friends and started to play the campaign but were not able to finish it because we only had one day. It was fun anyway.

I have been thinking about Sven's map lately, because I want to use it as a setting for our ancient "imagi-nations" project, as a landscape where all the different parties meet. (Maybe "imaginary ancient kingdoms and city-states" or "imaginary ancient lands and islands" would be a better name for the project.)

I drew the map again, only changing little things. Forests grew a bit and mountains appeared where there were none before. Caused by the movement of tectonic plates?

sven's old campaign map

Here are some suggestions for names, mostly ideas from the original map. These should be translated to ancient Greek at some point to go with the imaginary ancient things theme. I will try to translate to English for now.

1 Granitinseln - granite islands

2 Eisenzipfel - iron ding dong

3 Augenkralle - eye + claw

4 Grünhuhnland - green chicken land

5 Farnoth - no idea what that means, the name was suggested by the Elven player

6 Wambeler Bucht - Wambel bay

7 Löwenkaff - backwater lion. Home of a thracian tribe under king Rhebulas. I'm going to play these.

8 Schwarzwassermoor - black water moor, land of the dead

9 Krabbwasser - crab river

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  1. What a beautiful version of the map! I absolutely like the way you painted those little trees and mountains! Maybe I shoulkd upload the original version of the map...

    Actually there are some major changes in this version of the map: The Elven realm of Farnoth could have been found in the middle of the mountain ranges in the southern side of the map... The Black Water Bogs were located south of the Lands of the Dead... The river was called "Körnebach" (= Corn Stream)... And Crab Town was a city inhabited by demons and undead and placed in the Lands of the Dead.

    Several thousand years must have past between the times those two maps were painted. Or perhaps one of the map painters was drunken.