Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dungeon Number One

Back in 1984, I game mastered my first D&D adventure. I drew a dungeon and invited my cousin Sven and his friend Paul. They played a wizard and a thief. They were six years old. We didn't have any idea how roleplaying games work.

The game was over in half an hour.

This is the dungeon:

dungeon number one

Room 1:

The room measures 5m x 4m. Two pirates sit around a table, gambling and drinking rum. A third pirate lies on the floor and sleeps. Why did you enter their house anyway?

A door leads to room 2.

Room 2:

A bucket full of crabs. Some old clothes are scattered on the floor. A secret door (S) leads to room 3.

Room 3:

3m x 2m. There is a large cupboard filled with bottles, clothes, cured meat, sabres, helmets and a chest. The chest contains 10 pesos de ocho and a doll made out of wood and cloth. (Don't take it! Its evil voodoo magic will get you into lots of trouble.)

I think Sven and Paul didn't make it to room 2. It's possible that the pirates were goblins and that room 3 didn't exist. Hey, all of this happened thirty years ago!

Sven got heavily into role playing and tabletop games as a teenager. It might be my fault. Last thing I heard about Paul is that he became a drug dealer.


  1. This post cracked me up. I am still giggling.

    I think 1984 was the same year I started playing D&D... with equally non-sensical encounters... friends that went on to do wildly disparate things...

    I now have a nine-year-old and a six-year-old. I've played some Savage Worlds with them and it's absolutely fascinating. Everything is fresh and they take everything at face value. When I say something like "you realize this pass will take you into Darken Wood - a dark and dangerous place that no one has entered and ever returned from..." They FREAK OUT and are absolutely TERRIFIED of going in there! Whereas playing with adult players the response to the same description is "Well, obviously we're going to have to go in there..."

    1. Thanks for your comment which makes me think if I should try to play a RPG with my two older kids. I have three children. They are five, three and one year old. When did you start playing Savage Worlds with your kids?